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National leaders representing over 85% of the world’s forests have committed to ending deforestation around the world by 2030.

The commitment includes over $19 billion in public and private funding to support initiatives to protect vulnerable forests from degradation.

The announcements also include commitments to sustainable trade and incentives to support sustainable forestry.

Members of the sustainable bioenergy sector welcomed the announcements, which reflect sustainability commitments and regulations already in place in modern bioenergy’s international supply chains.

Christian Rakos, President of the World Bioenergy Association, said:

“As a result of sustainable practices and reinvestment, forests in certain parts of the world have been protected from pressures such as agricultural expansion and urbanisation, as well as environmental pressures like wildfires and diseases.

“The sustainable wood-based bioenergy sector is a leading example of this, with strict carbon accounting and sustainability criteria preventing over-exploitation, as well as rules to prevent commercial use of unique or sensitive habitats. Other sectors could benefit from a similar approach, which monitors the whole supply chain. So it’s great to see these nations adopt such commitments in their forest product supply chains.”

You can find out more information about the Glasgow Leaders Declaration on Forest and Land Use here.