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Committed to
global sustainability

As our industry expands, we will maintain our full commitment to sustainability and promote adoption of our principles of sustainability, wherever biomass is sourced. We will use the best available science to continually develop and improve practices, setting the highest standards for our industry.


An open invitation

With this Declaration, we invite all participants in the wider bioenergy sector, including our industry counterparts, civil society, academia, and governments, to join us in delivering the full potential of sustainable bioenergy in support of global Net Zero.

Advisor organisations have provided independent expertise and advice during the development of the Glasgow Declaration on Sustainable Bioenergy. They in no way endorse, or claim responsibility for, the conclusions of the Declaration.


Interested in becoming a signatory?

If you’re an organisation in the bioenergy sector and would like to become a signatory or help to develop the Glasgow Declaration on Sustainable Bioenergy, please get in touch.

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